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Our desktop and web-based in/out board programs show the whereabouts of employees at the glance of a screen. Your receptionist can give rapid, well informed responses to clients. Messages can be passed between users, too. Easy to use and install, these programs will enhance office communication and help you give a proficient, well-organized service to your clients.

Web Work Order is a Web-based solution to process your work orders from the initial request to completion. Run it on your own site or let us host it for you. Staff can check on-line to see what work has been assigned and update work order information. Clients or staff can use the web to submit orders and check for progress.

Product Highlights:

   OfficeView Pro

     Web OfficeView
OfficeView Pro is an automated version of an in/out board with a fully integrated messaging system. When you start the program, the screen will automatically indicate "In" beside your name and when you turn off your computer, "Out" will appear (both optional features). Many options are available to tailor the interface and operation of the program to suit your needs.   Web OfficeView allows you to use your web browser to run an in/out board. It provides most of OfficeView Pro features in your web browser. If both programs use the same database, they work cooperatively displaying the same information and exchanging messages. Users can interact using any platform supporting a web browser from anywhere in the world.

   Instant OfficeView


   Web Work Order

Instant OfficeView is a cost effective in/out board that's ideal for businesses that don't have a central server. It's easy to install and use. Optional presence detection shows who are using their workstations. Information and messages are exchanged instantly.
  Web Work Order helps streamline work order processing from start to finish. Staff and clients can use the web to submit orders, check information about the work, such as the expected due date/time, whether the job is complete, and other data.


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