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Instant OfficeView

is a staff in-out board that updates in real-time without polling a server. Instant OfficeView displays the names and status of users running the program. The optional presence detection lets you keep track of who is using their mouse or keyboard. Information and messages are exchanged instantly. Hold a virtual meeting where anyone can participate without leaving their desks.

Instant OfficeView helps your company improve customer service and client satisfaction. In many organizations, the receptionist is crucial in creating a good first impression with clients. With Instant OfficeView providing up-to-date employee status, your receptionist can route phone calls effectively.

When you turn on your computer, the program will automatically shows you as "In" and when you shut down, it automatically changes your status from "In" to "Out" and indicates you are off-line. One click will change your status to "In", "Out", or "Busy". Two mouse clicks sets your status to one available in a list. You may also choose to type your status remark. You can edit the list to suit your needs.

Messages can be sent to an individual or to all active users. Recipients can reply to messages. Instant OfficeView keeps a message history. There are options to have new messages pop up on top of all other running programs and/or sound an alert. The message system can be disabled and hidden.

Instant OfficeView connects faster than traditional methods. Because Instant OfficeView indicates who is presence, it provides a distinct advantage over phone and voice-mail or e-mail. Instant messaging increases productivity and promotes collaboration. Most companies can save money and increase efficiency.

Take a look at some sample screens or take a quick tour (click here).

 Pricing: Click to Purchase  Instant OfficeView and the Windows XP firewall
10 name version - $20
50 name version - $45
100 name version - $65
Additional names - $2 each   
Upgrade to current version
When Instant OfficeView attempts to communicate with other workstations, a dialog window may open, asking whether you allow it. You must click Unblock to allow Instant OfficeView to communicate.
You can also do this later if you missed the dialog, by following the steps below.
  1. Click Start, Control Panel, Security Center,
  2. In the Security Center, click on Windows Firewall,
  3. On the General tab, confirm that the first setting is "On (recommended)" and "Don't allow exceptions" is not checked,
  4. Click on the Exceptions tab,
  5. If Instant OfficeView (ovi) is in the "Programs and Services" list, make sure the checkbox is checked,
  6. If Instant OfficeView is not in the "Programs and Services" list, click "Add Program..." and add Instant OfficeView to the list.

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