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Web OfficeView  Recent History Summary
Revised 29 December 2009

Version 3.9b
- Restores Help tab text.
- Sets default remark colors.

Version 3.97
- Fixes javascript error.
- Adds guest page name link to select login name.

Version 3.96
- Adds presence detection logging feature.

Version 3.95
- Fixes frontdesk error.

Version 3.94
- Fixes list index error.

Version 3.93
- Adds an option to restrict users to see only the names in their own group.
- Adds two privileges groups called Frontdesk and Executive. Names in either group can view any name and change any status without regard for options that normally prevent it.

Version 3.84
- Restores the feature that allows a login to last all day.

Version 3.83
- Adds an administrative web page to modify remarks list.
- Removes drop drown name list from login page.
- Adds option to hide guest link on login page.
- Adds option to disable 3AM function.
- Allows web browser access via a terminal server client.
- Expands automatic page refresh rate to range from 0 to 9999 seconds.

Version 3.82
- Fixes the "Add Group" function on the web administration page.

Version 3.81
- Improves the handling of the Enter key when changing a remark.

Version 3.8
- Improves the appearance of most web pages.
- Updates the timestamp when the automatic 3AM function changes a remark.

Version 3.7
- Adds guest.html to display readonly page without logging in.
- Improves the help displayed by the Help link.
- Adds the option to set remarks to "In" on login also changes the remark to "Out" at 3AM.

Version 3.6
- Revises Administration web page look.
- Adds a button to send to a message everyone.
- Adds an option to filter names by subgroups within any group.
- Adds an option to hide the links to the Employee Information pages.
- Adds new features to assist administrators build the remarks selection list:
    � new smart remark field <> displays prompting for user input.
� colored buttons to set each remarks background color.
� twice as many remarks background colors
- Allows twice as many remarks in selection list.
- Allows optional hyperlink with configurable address and title.
- Prevents selecting a new remark with an unfilled data field.
- Adds an option to hide the download program link.
- Adds an option to disable setting your remark to in on login.

Version 3.5
- Revises the program appearance.

Version 3.4
- adds an option to hear a notification sound when a new messages arrives.

Version 3.3
- Fixes an access violation fault

Version 3.2
- Revises the installation script.
- Allows a user called Frontdesk to make remark changes to any user without regard to the option that prevents these changes. You need to add this name yourself.
- Improves time functions if using browser based time.

Version 3.1
- Improves remote administration.
- Adds an additional user assignable remark.
- Adds new active fields to allow users to select a date from a monthly calendar and one to prompt user additional information. The new active fields are enclosed by < > brackets. <date> allows the user to select a date. Otherwise text inside < > is displayed and the user is requested to submit it. For example. �Off site at <location>� asks the user to provide the off-site location.

Version 3.0
- Adds remote administration of the database.
- Allows a browser to add, remove or change names; to reset passwords and to modify most other information.

Version 2.4
- Extends the browser-based time stamping to work from all locations
- Restores the feature that allows a login to last all day
- Fixes Employee Information Close button
- Minor improvements
- New setup program
- Revised HTA file to allow resizing
- Allows login roaming by accepting re-login from different workstation

Version 2.3
- Option to restrict Employee Information note editing to the employee only
- Option changes invoke browser authorization window
- Sets default login name after successful login
- Run HTA button added to Option And Information page
- Allows users to edit Employee Information note
- Improves the feature to automatically provide a default login name
- Adds a link to download a 400 byte HTA application to run in an uncluttered browser
- For large organizations, the browser will open showing only your own group
- Link text is easier to read
- View Options link can be hidden
- Starts up using a none standard port without issuing an error
- Restored compatibility with Netscape 4.x browsers
- Improved operation of database page
- Other small improvements
- Revised help.html file
- Added link to stop and start service
- Revised service to set working directory
- Message database packed after message deletion
- Longer messages are allowed

Version 2.2
- Web pages have an improved look.
- Remarks can have active fields {day}, {time} or {day}.
- Users can change their password using a web browser.
- Program options can be viewed and changed with a web browser.
- Can be installed on Windows NT, XP or 2000 as a service.

Version 2.1
- Fonts can be selected.
- New names added to the board appear alphabetically without restarting the program.
- Makes background colors compatible with latest OfficeView Pro
- For more than 40 names, login shows only your own group for faster display.
- Eliminates re-post message after remark change
- Fixes logon/logout problem with similar IP addresses
- Revised setup program
- Main screen retains scroll position after automatic refresh
- Improves login sequence
- New setup program and script

Version 2.0
- Fix local time offset
- Restores all options
- Improves handling of client time-out
- Fixed remark selection problem
- Added option to indicate that new messages are available
- Added screen to change remarks and remarks background color
- Made main screen layout more compact
- Prevents second copy of the program from running
- Time Stamp saved to database
- Time Stamp changed to am/pm format
- Time Stamp in a separate column
- Added option to timestamp based on local browser time

Version 1.9
- Fixed power down error
- adds diagnostic menu
- fixes e-mail address on the Employee Information screen
- allows assignable list of remarks to be customized
- employee information data available to all names
- works with Mac OS 9 browsers
- improved feedback when adding new names
- revised HTML for changing remarks
- help mentions the 300 name size is time limited
- fourth column displays changes made by OfficeView Pro programs
- increased compatibility with OfficeView Pro
- smoother switching between database directories
- added more options
- works when not co-located with database
- renamed to Web OfficeView from OfficeView Pro Server
- no longer requires OfficeView Pro
- added message reading capability

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