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Web OfficeView

allows you to use your web browser to run a network in-out board. The board displays standard or customized remarks, such as "in", "in but unavailable", "on vacation until X", and so on. Because information from your co-workers is conveniently available, you'll know their whereabouts and be able to provide informed responses to phone calls. The program also includes a messaging system (can be disabled) and a screen that displays employee information, such as the telephone, fax, and pager numbers. In addition, there is an optional for general web read-only access to view the names and status without a login.

Web OfficeView helps your company improve customer service and client satisfaction. In many organizations, the receptionist is crucial in creating a good first impression with clients. With Web OfficeView providing up-to-date employee status, your receptionist can route phone calls effectively.

When you use the login feature, the main screen will automatically indicate "In" beside your name. One click next to your name opens a list of remarks ( View a remark selection screen). Another click selects your new remark for others to see.  Click here for additional information and to view screen samples.

Despite its small size, Web OfficeView is completely self-contained with an embedded web server and database engine. Installation takes only a few seconds. You may choose to install a service component so that Web OfficeView starts when the system boots up without requiring anyone to log on. Running as a service, it continues to operate as users log in and out.

Web OfficeView provides password-protected web pages where you can configure options and maintain the database. Needing only a web browser, remote administration couldn't be easier.

The program is a small 32-bit Windows application that can run on practically any system using Windows 95 or higher. It's completely self contained with web server and database engine. On modern 64 bit servers, you may need to install the WOW component to handle 32 bit applications. Clients can use most web browsers on any platform.

Click here to downloadd Web OfficeView.

 Web OfficeView pricing and purchase buttons:  Benefits

Progam with 10 names - $40  
Progam with 50 names - $180  
Progam with 200 names - $220  
Additional names $5 per name  
Upgrade to latest version $3 per name  

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  • Locate co-workers quickly and easily
  • Know if your co-worker is available or busy
  • Access it from anywhere at anytime
  • Run clients on any operating system using a standard web browser
  • Easily update status by the employee or by the front desk
  • One click access to contact information
  • Uses colored status for quick recognition
  • Allows receptionist to direct phone calls to available employee
  • Eliminates "while you were out" notes
  • Customize available status list and background colors
  • Can work cooperatively OfficeView Pro
  • Option to record all status changes
  • Views can be filtered by group or subgroup


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