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For additional information please check the Administration section of the on-line help. If you still have unanswered questions try using our support page (click here). 

Can each workstation share a single copy of the program? 

All programs, except Instant OfficeView run from a single copy of the program that resides on a shared drive or file server. OfficeView Pro automatically caches a copy of the program locally and runs from it.

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Is there automatic in and out status updating?  

Yes, when the programs start, there is an optional provision to automatically change your status to "In". Also, you can choose the option to have your status indicate "Out" when you stop the program. Thus, powering up in the morning and shutting down at the end of the day automatically updates the employee's status. 
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Can anyone change someone else's displayed status? 

Yes, the ability to change another person's status can be granted to any user, as required. Normally, this option is controlled by the Administrator. 

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Do the evaluation programs time out? 

No, the evaluation copies you download are fully functional and do not stop working. Some of the security measures are softened to make it easier to evaluate. 

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Are larger trial versions available? 

Yes, e-mail us with you requirements and we can arrange for you to try a full scale trial version. 

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Can I disable the message system? 

Yes, the messaging system can be disabled and all the message features will be hidden. 

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Does the program support different date formats? 

Yes, Web OfficeView and  OfficeView Pro have an option to display the time and date in either the American or International format. 

Regular and Group OfficeView do not support different date formats. 

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Can foreign languages be accommodated? 

The Web OfficeView and OfficeView Pro allow you to change the text of the main screen, Information screen and Option screen  can appear in other languages. All programs, allow full customization of the remarks list. Non-English 8 bit characters are accepted and displayed without problem. 

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Do users require a dedicated workstation? 

All programs work well if each user has a dedicated workstation. However, Web OfficeView and OfficeView Pro allow users to operate from other workstations or share a common workstation by making your personalized settings are available at other workstations.

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Can I be notified immediately when a new message arrives

There are options to enable the Message screen to automatically display new messages on arrival and/or to sound an alert.  Each user can customize the settings to their preference.

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Does the program accommodate extra long remarks? 

Except for Instant OfficeView, each employee has an information screen that the employee or the administrator can update. It displays handy information for all to read, such as - telephone, cell phone, fax and pager numbers, etc., and a notepad with plenty of room. The administrator can change any of the labels to record other information useful to your organization, e.g., standard hours of work, person to contact in your absence or home phone number.

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How do I upgrade to the latest version? 

The upgrade procedure is similar for all programs. Download and run the appropriate setup program from our download page (Click here). The on-screen instructions will guide you.
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Can I use a web browser to view OfficeView Pro data? 

Yes, you can add Web OfficeView to allow any web browser to interact with the OfficeView Pro database. Using a web browser, users can change the remarks or Misc field, send messages and view employee information details. This functionality opens up the OfficeView Pro to Macs, Unix and other platforms.

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