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Feature Description Instant Web Pro    
In/Out Board This electronic In/Out board displays remarks beside employee names, such as "In", "In but unavailable", "On vacation until <Date>", etc. You may choose from a list of standard remarks or type your own customized remarks. Receptionists can respond to visitors and callers without having to search in the office to find who is available. X X X
"In" and "Out" Notification When the program starts or stops, there are optional provisions for the display board to automatically show you as "In" or "Out". X X X
Easy Installation Includes a Setup program with instructions to install it on your server and/or workstations. X X X
Easy Upgrades You can upgrade from our web site without having to re-enter your database of names and groups. X X X
Very Efficient There is low LAN band width consumption. It can run with as little as four megs of hard disk space, including the space to store messages and database information. Most offices with about 50 users would need about five megs of disk space, including sufficient space to store messages and the database. X X X
On-Line Help Comprehensive on-line help is available. X X X
Free Web Based or E-mail Support Knowledgeable staff give technical support to back up the product. Check out our support web site or e-mail to Support@officeview.com X X X
Free Trial Version For the latest version see http://www.OfficeView.com/ X X X
Changing Configurations The administrator has protected access to change important information, such as adding or deleting users and enabling options to be made available to users. X X X
Message Notification There is an option to have the OfficeView screen appear when a message is received as well as an option to have a single chime sound. If you prefer to read it later, press on the space bar to minimize OfficeView. The title bar or icon will remind you that you have unread messages. X  X X
Sizes Available Up to 1000 users may be purchased.  X X X 
Messaging System You can send and receive messages. Features include copy to and paste from clipboard, reply, and print. Messages are confidential. X X X
The option is available to disable the entire messaging system.  X X X
Change Others' Status Nobody can change anyone else's status unless the administrator gives the capability to do so.   X X
Employee Information Screen Each employee has an information screen that only the employee or the administrator can update. It displays handy information for all to read, such as, telephone, cell phone, fax and pager numbers, etc., and a notepad with very large space.   X X
On-Line Database Maintenance Administrators can update/maintain the database without having to shut down the workstations.    N/A X X
Names Displayed by Organization The names can be displayed by group/organization.     X X
Search Capability When you search for a name by starting to type the name, the program automatically scrolls you through the alphabetical listing to the name.     X
You can search for information in any of the columns. For instance, searches can be done by organizational unit, remarks, etc. For the web version, search all displayed information using Control-F.     X X
Remote Administration The administrator can adjust user settings from any remote workstation.    X X
Web Application Allows any web browser to display screens resembling OfficeView Pro. Using a web browser, users can change the remarks and Misc fields, send messages and view employee  X X"center" bgcolor="#ffffff" height="76" valign="middle" width="52">X  
Customized Screens The length and width of the columns are adjustable. Using any column, the display can be sorted alphabetically and in reverse order. For instance, you can sort the display so that all the employees that are "In   X  
Customized Screensnt color="#000000" face="Arial" size="2">There is a miscellaneous field (fourth column on the main screen) that can be used for any purpose, e.g., telephone extensions.    X X
There is the option to allow employees to choose their preferred background colors for the remarks or the administrator may set these colors.      X
The administrator can change any of the column labels on the screen to record other information useful to the organization, e.g., standard hours of work, person to contact in your absence or home phone number.    X X
Screens can be Translated The titles, labels and remarks list on the main screen, the Employee Information screen and the Options screen can be translated into other languages.     X
Records Date and Time Last Changes Made There is an option to record the date and time the last remark was changed in the last column of the screen.     X
Activity Log File The option is available to log changes in the remarks into a database for easy importing into any standard database program/spreadsheet.       X X
Log On Users can log on to any workstation to enable them to share a single workstation. The option is available to automatically log on.   X
X height="38" width="342">A proprietary presence detector indicates who is actively using their workstation. X   X
Low Administration No database to maintain and no central server required. X    

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