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Changing Your Status
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Web OfficeView allows you to use your web browser to run an electronic in-out board. The board displays standard or customized remarks, such as "in", "in but unavailable", "on vacation until X", and so on. Because the location of your co-workers is constantly apparent, your office assistants can know your whereabouts and give informed responses to phone calls. The program also includes a messaging system (can be disabled) and a screen that displays employee information, such as the telephone, fax, and pager numbers. Until the program is registered, only ten names can be entered.

The program is a small 32-bit Windows application that can run on practically any system using Windows 95, 98, NT, XP or 2K. Although it can reside on the file server that holds the database files, this is not a requirement. Any Windows workstation that can connect to the Web OfficeView directory on the server is suitable. Thus, the program will work with NetWare or Unix based file servers that hold the Web OfficeView database. Web browsers from Macs, Unix and other platforms can participate.

If you share the database directory with OfficeView Pro, the two programs work cooperatively displaying the same information and sharing messages. This setup allows you to use a small Windows application at your own workstation or a web browser when you're away.

Web OfficeView puts everything you need to maintain the database on one screen. If you run the program from the Web OfficeView directory on the server, just click on the Database tab to display the Database page, add the names and you are up and running. If Web OfficeView is not running from the database directory, you need to select the Control and Information page and set the path to the Web OfficeView database.

Changing Your Status

Click on the status field that you wish to change. A new web page will appear with the top line displaying the name of the person that will receive the new status remark.   For example "Select a Remark for Jane Kelly", may appear.  This page has a list of remarks ready to assign with one mouse click. Clicking on beside a remark assigns the new remark and returns you to the main screen.

You can customize the status text by typing your own phrase into the edit box beside the label "Customized remark:". After entering your phrase, click to post the text. The screen will close and the text will appear in the appropriate Status field.

Viewing an Employee Information Page

From any page displaying the names and status information, click on a name and the pertinent information will appear on a new page. Use to return to the previous page or view a new group by selecting a group from the list available near the bottom of the page.

Sending a Message

Navigate to a page that displays the list of names. Click on [ Tiny letter envelope ] beside the name of the person you want to contact to bring up the message composer page. Type your message in the lower part of the window, and click on .

Reading your Messages

Navigate to a page that displays your name in the list of names. Click on [ Tiny letter envelope ] beside your name to bring up the message reader page. Buttons allow you to delete the current message, or go to the first or last message. To view a message of your choice, select the message number in the drop down box and click on .

Sample Web OfficeView Pagess

The opening page of the Web OfficeView is similar to the sample provided below.

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Web OfficeView Login
A web application to turn your web browser into an In-Out board with a messaging system and employee information pages.
Please select your name and enter your password.

Note: This screen is optional. The sever can be set to go directly to the list of names.



Status Screen

Remark Selection Screen

Employee Information Screen

Message Composer Screen

View Only Screen

Control and Information Screen

Remark and Color Editing Screen


Desktop Database Maintenance

Server Activity Log





Database Administration

Modify a User Name or Information
  Remarks: Phone::  
  Misc.: Pager::  
  Title:: FAX::  
  Division:: Extension:  
  E-Mail:: Password: Blank  
  Employee Information Notes:  
  Database Administration Tips

To view information about a person, select the name in the drop-down list on the top left side of the page. Edit the information. Click on Save to store the changes.

To create a new group name, type the new group name in the Add Group field and click on Add Group. The newname will be added to the group drop-down list.

To add a new user, enter the name in the Add Name field and click on Add Name. To add information about the new user, select the name, add information and click on Save.

To change a user’s name, select the old name to bring up the screen,type the new name in the Rename field and click on the Rename button.

To delete a user’s password, select the name and click on the Reset Password button.

To remove a name from the database, select the name and click on the Remove Name button.

The Remove Name removes a name from the database.




Server Activity Log

Click here to return to the main page.
  1. Web OfficeView - WOV_SERVER IP=
  2. Refresh rate 60 seconds
  3. TCP port: 80
  4. Login enabled
  5. Started at: 10/10/2002 7:31:03 PM
  6. Time stamping enabled
  7. Allow column 4 to be changed
  8. Change logging enabled
  9. Database path is C:\oviewpro\
  10. Web OfficeView version 2.2
  11. Browser URL is http://WOV_SERVER/ or
  12. - - [10 Oct 2002 19:31:32] "T000" 200 266
  13. - - [10 Oct 2002 19:31:33] "g000 " 200 301
  14. Login Jane Kelly, IP = [10 Oct 2002 19:31]
  15. - - [10 Oct 2002 19:31:43] "g000 " 200 301
  16. - - [10 Oct 2002 19:33:43] "c000002?g000000 " 200 319
  17. Jane Kelly sent message
  18. - - [10 Oct 2002 19:33:56] "g000 " 200 301
  19. Login Paula Smith, IP = [10 Oct 2002 19:34]
  20. - - [10 Oct 2002 19:34:54] "g000 " 200 323
  21. - - [10 Oct 2002 19:34:57] "c000002?g000 " 200 335

http://WOV_SERVER at 7:35:03 PM

Installing Web OfficeView

To install Web OfficeView, you need to obtain the installation program that is available from URL http://www.officeview.com/WOV.zip on our web site. Place this address in your web browser to down load the file.

Unzip the download file WOV.zip and run WOV.exe to install the program. Usually you install the program on a server. However, this is not a requirement. Any Windows workstation can host the program and files.

On Windows XP, Vista, NT, 2000 or 2003, the setup program installs Web OfficeView as a service. As a service, it is executed automatically and transparently. No user has to log in for the service to start.

If you are already running another web server on the standard port (80), Web OfficeView will automatically switch to port 800. To view port 800, the web browser address must include “:800" For example, on the local computer, the URL would be “”.

When you use the login feature, the main screen will automatically indicate "In" beside your name and allow you to read your messages. One click on the field beside your name opens a list of remarks. Another click selects your new remark.

If you run Web OfficeView as a desktop application. Everything you need to maintain the database is on one screen. On the local computer, use to use a web browser to add or modify the optional settings and the database.

Here is information on the Web OfficeView Options Settings:

Require user login - Enable this option to display the standard login screen on startup. A successful login lasts all day which allows you to stop and restart your browser without changing your remark or time stamp. You must log in to read your messages.

Set remark to "In" on login - Enable to have the main screen automatically indicates "In" beside your name when you log in.

Can change remarks of others - Enable this option to allow users to change anyone’s remark without restriction. Otherwise, you can only change your own remark after you have logged in.

Time stamp using browser time - Enable this option to set the time stamp using the time zone of the web browser instead of the web server time zone. This option allows you to sign in at 8AM (local time) from anywhere in the world and have the Web OfficeView time stamp show as 8AM. To work properly, the browser must have Javascript enabled and the time zone must be set correctly on all operating systems.

Display registration name - Enable this option to substitute your registration name in place of Web OfficeView in the title at top of the main screen.

Display a time stamp column - Enable to display a column with the time stamp indicating when the remark was changed. Display Administration link - Enable this option to include a link on the main page that allows users to view the option settings. You can make changes to any setting if you provide a blank name and the Change Option password (initially the password is abc) when prompted. Click on the Database Maintenance button to make changes to the database.

Display activity log link - Enable this option to include a link on the main page that allows users to view the Web OfficeView activity log. The log entries record server actions.

Display download program link - Enable to include a link on the main page that allows user to download and run a tiny HTML application. It can be used to automatically start up a Web OfficeView client when you power up your workstation. Display Help Tips - Enable this option to display a summary of tips at the bottom of the main and options page.

Enable messaging system - Enable this option to activate the messaging system.

Enable new message sound - Enable to sound an alert if a new message is available.

Display new message flag - Enable this option to display a red * symbol near the tiny envelope beside names that have unread messages.

Allow changes in column 4 - Enable this option to allow users to change the text in the fourth column.

Enable subgroup view - Allows you to view only the names in a subgroup. Subgroup names are appended to group names following a ":" separator. Two examples are "Sales : Used Cars" and "Sales : New Cars".

Enable employee information link - Enable to view the employees information page when you click on a person's name.

Log changes to "LG072006.dbf" - Enable this option to record remark changes to monthly log files. For example, the log file is called LG082003.dbf (for August 2003) and is located in the Web OfficeView database directory (see Control and Information page for the directory location). Each record will contain the following fields: identification number, employee name, column title, text entered in the column, and the date and time changes were made. This file can be imported into most spreadsheets and database programs for further processing and review.

Launch browser on startup - Enable this option to automatically start a web browser when Web OfficeView starts.

Refresh rate - The refresh rate sets the time interval between remark updates. You can set the rate to 0, 30, 60 or 900 seconds. Setting the refresh rate to zero will disable automatic updates. You can manually update the screen by clicking on the browser refresh button or pressing F5.


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