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Instant OfficeView Recent History Summary
Revised 30 January 2010

Version 2.9
- Fixes new status to bring the program into view.
- Hide discussion page now stays hidden on startup.

Version 2.8
- Adds a command to refresh the name list on all
running programs. Access the command by right clicking on the Status page.

Version 2.7
- Allows printer selection before printing a message
- Identifies that a status is based on archival storage

Version 2.6
- Adds option to force "Out" status on stopping the program
- Allows changing status to "Out" on power down
- Allows administrator to hide, disable and lock the Message system
- Allows administrator to hide, disable and lock the Discussion page

Version 2.5
- removes duplicate names from the status list

Version 2.4
- Fixes the process to set another person's remark

Version 2.3
- Trims extraneous spaces from name fields

Version 2.2
- Revises the code that handles a Windows shutdown

Version 2.1
- Adds virtual discussion page

Version 2.0
- revises new message sound
- Looks for officeview.wav file in the Windows folder to be used as the new message sound

Version 1.9
- Reduces CPU loading and Lan traffic
- Revises background refresh function

Version 1.8
- Revises automatic column width adjustment

Version 1.7
- new setup program
- Adds IP multicast to work with segmented networks

Version 1.6
- fixes long remark truncation
- changes registration method

Version 1.5
- adds Status popup menu item to show only on-line names
- adds Status popup menu item to send current status to everyone

Version 1.2/1.3/1.4
- adds popup menu item to show only names from running programs
- improves efficiency
- revises help file
- fixes height creep in large screen mode
- Automatically adjusts the name column width to suit the font size
- Allows names to be up to 30 characters long
- Adds option to retain "In" or "Busy" status on exit or shutdown
- Allows the selection list of status to be customized
- Adds option to time stamp all status changes
- Allows changes to status of others from the right click menu
- Allows two columns for name and status
- Preserves off-line comments
- Adds right click menu on Status page to change others status
- Adds an option to provide sound notification when a new message arrives .
- sorts the status screen alphabetically by name.
- sorts the status screen by the status background color.


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