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Web Work Order Purchase Form

Payment by check or money order (payable to OfficeView Software Inc) and purchase orders may be sent directly to OfficeView Software Inc. Purchase orders (net 30 days) are accepted only from government, accredited educational institutions and major corporations.

Orders can be sent to us:
Via the mail: addressed to OfficeView Software Inc, 915 Plante Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1V 9E3;
By email: to

When you purchase this product, we will e-mail registration codes and instructions to you.

Item Quantity Cost Net
Web Work Order for your web server   $275.00 US ________
Custom made report ______

$170.00 US

Custom made page ______ $230.00 US ________
Upgrade to version 4   $140.00 US ________
12 Month hosting fee on our web server ______ $260.00 US ________
Order processing  

    $5.00 US

$5.00 US
Total Payment ________

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Company: _______________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________

City: ____________________________ State/Province: _____________________

Zip/Postal Code: ___________________ Country: __________________________

Phone No.: __________________________ FAX No.: _________________________

E-Mail Address: ________________________________________________________

Purchase Order No.: ____________________________________________________


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