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Web Work Order - Version 4.4
Released on 15-Feb-2011.

Version 4.4
- Revises work order list to sort globally in with reversible sorting order
- Revises table sorting to handle date column

Version 4.3
- Adds interactive filters to the calendar
- Adds interactive filters and smart links to the reports
- Adds interactive filters to the work order list
- Improves administration panels.

Version 4.2
- Changes company field name to group
- Fixes some minor issues.

Version 4.1
- Revises available account privilege settings to:
Limit work order viewing
My work orders
Work orders assigned to me
View only my company work orders

- Adds a feature to automatically backup the database everyday.

Version 4.0
- Allows filtering work by company.
- Adds monthly calendar showing each job based on starting day.
- Allows reports to be filtered by date range.
- Adds database maintenance panel. This page displays a summary of the work order database.You can also remove work orders before any date that you specify. It allows you to create a database backup. In addition, there is an option to restore a database from the most recent backup.

Version 3.3
-Adds an option to timestamp work order changes.
-Login is case insensitive.
- Revises the account privileges to allow any name to appear on the staff page and  to take on work. The new privileges appears as:
Staff page
Appear on this page
Change any staff status
Change any staff Note

Limit work order viewing
View only my work orders
View only work orders assigned to me

Work assignment
Accept work

Version 3.2
- adds the following two account privileges:
Staff category
Classify as staff
Classify as manager

Version 3.0/1
- adds a staff page to show staff status (whereabouts) and field to post messages. Staff can see their new work order count and can view the list of new work orders by clicking on a button to display them. Managers can see the total of all new work orders and can also view them in a list by clicking on a button.
allows full control over the privileges for each user type. Here is a list of the views and actions that are controllable:
Main navigation menu
View work order list
View work order details
Create work order
Search work order
View staff
View reports

Work order details
Delete work order
Save work order changes
Edit work order client name
Edit work order summary and details
Edit work order dates
Edit work order status
Edit work order priority
View work order costs
Edit work order costs
Assign any staff to work orders

Staff page
Change any staff status
Change any staff note

Limit work order viewing
View only my work orders
checked>View only work orders assigned to me

Staff category
Classify as staff
Classify as manager

Version 2.6 - released on 20 April 2006.
- adds date setting calendar to work order details page.
- adds field to track date of last work order change.

Version 2.5
- Revises page layouts.

Version 2.4
- Internal improvements.
- Revises the login screen by removing the list of names.

Version 2.3
- Improves login function.
- Adds sorting by column to search result.
- Uses Apache server.

Version 2.2
- Adds staff column to work order list and search views.
- Adds restricted staff account type that can only view assigned work.
- Improved setup script.

Version 2.1
- Adds the following reports:
  1. Client Work Orders by Priority
  2. Client Work Orders by Status
  3. Staff Workload and Work Status
  4. Work Orders by Completion Date
  5. Completed Work Orders

Version 2.0
- Revised to run standalone or as a web server cgi program.
- Available as an on-line version hosted on our site at low cost.
- More powerful search feature.

Version 1.1
- Fixes database path.

Version 1.0
- Released on 11 October 2004.

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