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  Web Work Order Users Manual  

Create Work Order Request
Work Order Details
Logging Out


This program is used to create and track work orders on the web. The administrator of the program controls who can have access to enter and modify orders. For example, as a client, you may only be allowed to view progress of work orders or you may be allowed to enter and update work orders. Staff have access to see what work has been assigned to them, accept the orders and update progress.  Managers have full access to update and delete orders.

As a web application, users can access the program from any location via the Internet or through your local network. You can work from any platform supporting a web browser, including UNIX machines, PCs and Macs.


To start the program, point your web browser to the address provided by the administrator. You should see the following screen. On the Internet Explorer Favorites menu, click Add to Favorites so you can open Web Work Order from the Favorites menu in the future. Netscape Navigator has a similar feature called Bookmarks.

To log onto the system, select your name from the drop down menu and enter your password. Click on the Login button to view the main screen:

Figure 1

The top row of buttons on the main screen below allows one click access to most of the available functions. This page lists summary information on all the work orders. To view more details on a particular work order, click on the number in the left-hand column.

Create Work Order Requests

If you have access to create work orders, enter a new work order request by clicking on Create WO. The screen below will display:


To find details about a particular work order, search for the work order by the reference number or the contents of a specific field. The search will report all work orders that match a number, a few letters or a phrase. The allowed search fields are the work order number, the summary description, the detailed description or the client name. The search results can be further restricted by one or more of the following:
1) Status from one of New, Assigned, Started, Overdue or Completed
2) Priority from one of Normal, Urgent, High or Low
3) Requested completion date from one of today, yesterday, past 7 days, this month, last month or this year.

Click on the Go button to list the matching work orders. To view the full work order, click on a button with work order number. Here is the Search Page:

To search for all work order that have High priority. Select High in the Priority list and click on the Go button, then the following could appear:

Work Order Details

Clicking on the View Details button brings the same screen into view. The four navigation buttons in the lower bottom allow you to step between the work orders. If you make changes, be sure to click on the green check mark [] button to save the changes in the database.

Buttons allow you to browse forwards and backwards through the database of work orders. The work order Information can be edited on this page. For example, the field called Start Date was assigned by the program on the date the work order was received. If you wish to change this date, make the changes and click on the Save button to save the changes. The Save button is disabled for user that are assigned guests accounts. Users with manager accounts can use the Delete button to remove the work order from the system.

Logging Out

Click on the Logout button on the top menu to log off. You should exit the browser whenever you have finished using Web Work Order. If the browser is left running another user can use your account by clicking on the browser back button.

The administrator can provide forgotten passwords or change it to a different one.

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