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Web Work Order

is a powerful web-based application designed to streamline your work order processing from start to finish. With Web Work Order, you can easily record work orders, assign tasks to staff, and track the progress of each job.

Both staff and clients can use the web to submit orders, check the status of work, and view other important information, such as expected due dates and completion data.

The latest version, Version 4, comes with several new features to make the program even more effective. For example, a new calendar page displays a monthly view of jobs based on their desired start date. By clicking on an item in the calendar, you can view the full details of the work order.

Users can be grouped by company, and a new option allows you to restrict users to only interact with their own company's information. Reports can also be filtered by a date range, making it easy to find the information you need quickly.

With Web Work Order, you can tailor the user interface to suit your needs by assigning different account types to each user. This allows you to control which fields and pages each user can see and update, creating a role-based interface that exposes only the information that's needed and eliminates inappropriate choices.

Web Work Order comes with five standard account types - Client, Restricted Client, Staff, Restricted Staff, and Manager - that can be modified to meet your needs. You can also add new account types or remove existing ones to create a custom solution that's perfect for your business.

Seven reports can be displayed anytime:
  1. Work Orders by Priority
  2. Requester's Work Orders by Status
  3. Staff Workload and Work Status
  4. Work Orders by Completion Date
  5. Completed Work Orders
  6. Overdue Work Orders
  7. My Work Orders
The search feature in Web Work Order is designed to be quick and efficient, enabling you to easily find, filter, and sort work orders. For example, if you need to display work orders that are past their due date for completion, you can simply select "late" from the due date list and click on the Go button. Additionally, you can select the specific field you want to search from a list of options including Work Order Number, Summary description, Detailed description, Client name or Staff name. You can also choose the criteria for matching the search results, such as starting with, containing, ending with, exactly matching, or not containing. This flexibility allows you to quickly find the work orders you need, making it easier to manage your workload and ensure timely completion of tasks.

As a web application, users can read, search, write, and update work orders from any location via the internet. The top menu puts all functions one click away. You can work from any platform supporting a web browser.

To learn more, click on a link of interest. View Sample Screens, On-Line Administrator's Guide Manual or User Manual. WWO is easily configured to meet your needs.

  • Improves customer service.
  • Provides ongoing customer feedback.
  • Reduces data entry and phone calls.
  • 24-hour non-stop service.
  • Use the Internet for wide access.
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