The opening login page. You can have your own Logo on the top of every page.

After logging in, the staff page is displayed. Any new work orders that you are assigned
to are displayed. With two clicks, you can update your status. The top row of buttons
provides one-click access to most of the available sections.

Here is a list of work orders. The list can filtered and sorted using the buttons near the
bottom of the page.

Full details of the work orders are displayed. Most details can be updated provided the user has
privilges that allow it. An email notification can be sent to the person assigned to the work order
providing a quick way to pass on a new work order or changes to an existing one.

This page is used to submit a new work order.

After submitting the request, a page with the full details is shown automatically allowing
additional details to be added.

This is the search page.
To find details about a particular work order, search for the work order by the reference
number or the contents of a specific field. The search will report all work orders that match
a number, a few letters or a phrase. The fields that can be searched are the work order number,
summary description, detailed description, or the client name. The search results can be further
restricted by one or more of the following search criteria:
1) Status of New, Assigned, Started, Overdue or Completed;
2) Priority of Normal, Urgent, High or Low;
3) Requested completion date of Today, Yesterday, Past 7 days, This month, Last month or This year.

Click on the Go button to initiate the search. For example, search for all work order
that have High priority by selecting High¯ in the Priority list and clicking on Go.

A search for a client with a name starting with "sa" brings up the following.
Clicking on the work order number button brings the full work order details
into view.

Here is the calendar that displays the time frame and status of work orders. Quick action buttons
can hide or display items based on status or ownership. Clicking on a work order number link brings up the work order details.

Several interactive reports are available. Results can be filtered by dates.

This report shows the workload of staff members. Click on a "nick" to list his work orders.

For more details, click on a index button.

For example, clicking work order number 3 will show the following.

The End.

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